McCreary's Interiors produces a variety of hardwood products ranging from interior furniture, flooring, molding, cabinets, kitchens and much more. Unlike the furniture sold in most retail outlets and assembly-line production facilities, McCreary’s Interiors produces products specific to the individual and his or her desired application. Each job is taken on an individual basis using measurements and specifications designed around the customer’s needs. With such a diverse background in producing a wide range of specific to general purpose hardwood solutions, McCreary’s Interiors can create what you want.

NOTE: We do NO upholstered furniture


Thomas McCreary, owner and operator of McCrearys' Interiors, has been building fine furniture in the town of New Hampton NJ for over thirty years. Using only the finest solid hardwoods, Thomas crafts early American reproductions and cabinetry in the traditional manner. The same pride and attention to detail is applied to custom cabinetry and refinishing work. Each piece is meticulously detailed and worked up to a hand rubbed finish bringing an heirloom quality piece of furniture to your home.